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Re: Which distro to switch an FC3 samba server to?

> Since nothing I've been able to do on FC3 seems to provide consistent
> samba service, and all the searches I've done indicate that FC3 doesn't
> support samba, which distro do most folks recommend that would provide
> the least painful transition?  I've been on RH8, RH9, FC1, and FC2.
> I've dabbled with Mandrake for a while, and yddrasyle (sp?) years ago.
> Fundamentally, what I'm looking for is a simple server, with samba
> (shares/PDC), DNS, DHCP etc.

I'm using Core 2 and having success with it. It really depends on your
needs. If you have a server that can run for up to 5 years, go with RHEL.
If it's a home server that you don't mind playing with then stick with
Fedora, and upgrade it as you go. I've since switched my home server to
RHEL for the stability.

> I've enjoyed RedHat distros, especially the industry support, but a
> distro that doesn't support samba is a non-starter for me.
> Unfortunately, backing up to FC2 isn't really a workable option.  It
> took the store I bought the machine from (three months ago) over a week
> to get FC2 to recognize the built-in network card and the cdrom burner.

I find the RedHat lists very helpful. You kind of fit in and get the
assistance you need and it's always bang on. You just have to learn to
play by the rules is all.

If it took the store you bought the computer from over a week to get the
NIC and CD-RW working, you really mean to say they sat it under the bench
for 6 days and 23 hours, and then hauled it out and fixed it in an hour
and gave it back to you?

Almost ANY burner works out of the gate, and most NIC's do too. It's
easier to replace a $5 NIC with something that is supported than to mess
around for a couple of hours trying to get a non-standard one working.

Just my opinion, which isn't much.

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