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Re: Which distro to switch an FC3 samba server to?

Qian Qiao wrote:

FC3 supports samba. I've got it to work.

The problem is that shadow-utils-4.0.3-40 does not support usernames
with a '$' trailing. Once upgraded to 4.0.3-42, it should run nicely.


-- Joe

IT would be really cool if this was just a problem with up2date. When I run it, it tells me that all my packages are uptodate, and then it exits. But my installed version of shadow-utils is shadow-utils-4.0.3-37. Unfortunately, since it exits before I can select which package to upgrade, it won't let me explicitly upgrade shadow-utils.

What led me to believe that my situation was status quo was comments I found from the results of several searches via google, and various lists that I've found. I tried scanning the archives and didn't find anything helpful, but a few references that led me to believe that RH had decided to forego samba in order to support posix. I posted the problems I was having on this news group. When I received no response, I assumed that this was a known issue and folks were tired of talking about it.

I wasn't trying to post a bug report, cause I assumed it was working as designed.

A. Rick Anderson

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