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Experience with ATRPMS repository?

What has your experience been using the ATRPMS, http://atrpms.net , repository?
Mine has not been very favorable. I regret creating atrpms.repo and adding it 
to the /etc/yum.repo.d/ directory.   


Here are the problems that plague my FC3 system after I used "yum update":

1. lm_sensors-2.8.7-2 was replaced with a buggy lm_sensors.i386 2.8.8-0_35.rhfc3.at.
   I discovered that when I rebooted my system and encountered a "cannot access
   procfs/sysfs" error message. I restored the older lm_sensors rpm file and posted
   a bug report #329.  As of this posting rhgb still has does not work but I have not
   implemented the steps to fix problem 3 and replace/repair upgraded packages.

2. yum-2.1.11-3 was replaced by yum.noarch-2.1.12-43.rhfc3.at. The install overwrote
   the existing yum.conf file. Not very nice. Should not happen. Another bug 
   report #330.  Axel Thimms comments and says that he finds no fault with his script.

3. "0check4updates" was inserted into /etc/cron.d/cron.daily without my 
   permission or awareness. It runs a script to update APT and YUM. Bug report #331.

   "locate check4updates" yielded three hits. No hits using "rpm -q check4updates".
   A little googling for "0check4updates" pointed me to 
   http://download.atrpms.net/production/sources/common/atrpms/atrpms.spec. Leading
   me to try:

   # rpm -q atrpms

   # rpm -e atrpms
   error: Failed dependencies:
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) perl-XML-Parser-2.34-5_2.rhfc3.at.i386
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) perl-HTML-Parser-3.36-0_2.rhfc3.at.i386
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) perl-XML-Twig-3.15-0_8.rhfc3.at.noarch
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) perl-XML-LibXML-1.58-2.rhfc3.at.i386
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) razor-agents-2.61-7.rhfc3.at.i386
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) perl-IO-Socket-SSL-0.95-1.rhfc3.at.noarch
        atrpms-perl-module-helper is needed by (installed) spamassassin-3.0.1-0_19.rhfc3.at.i386

   Man, this guy really wants to keep his code installed. The atrpms-perl-module-helper
   is dug in so deep yum lists 56 other packages must be removed to clear the dependencies.
   Why did he sneak check4updates into the atrpms-61-1.at package?  It is certainly not required
   for the proper operation of yum or apt-get.  
   I believe that I have just encountered my first Linux trojan!

I am definitely not happy about the turn of events.  Axel has commented on bugs 330 and 331. He has not commented on 329.  In each of his comments he finds no fault with his code. Sigh. Programmer's denial?  My advice stay well away if you know what is good for your system.


Peace and joy!

Kam Leo

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