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Re: Which distro to switch an FC3 samba server to?

Okay, with a lot of unexpected hickups, I was able to get the lastest shadow-utils installed. I restarted smb via the System Settings Configuration tool.

My personal win2k machine can see the server just fine. I am using "net view \\anar" to test the samba connections. My wife's laptop, gets a:
System error 53 has occurred.
The network path was not found.

(This is the typical message I get)

My (win2k) printer server gets a:
System error 121 has occurred.
The semaphore timeout period has expired.

This is an FC2 machine, that was upgraded to an FC3. When I attempted to use up2date to finish the upgrade, it got half-way through, and then started claiming that all of my packages are up to date. In addition to up2date, I've tried smart, apt-get with the same results.

The impact is that while folks can get in and appear to authenticate via the PDC, none of the shares work and attempting to access network resources, such as the printers or other pc's fail. ssh back to the server works (my wife can still play kshishen), nobody can print and most of the time, nobody except my own machine can see the shares. If I renew a network connection, the DHCP settings on my FC3 machine seem to work on the network pc. (Note: I have a second DHCP server built into my DirecWay 6000 satellite modem), but I try to stick with my FC3 server as much as I can. At random intervals, the two machines downstairs (one of which is the printer server) can reconnect if I do a manual restart on the smb services.

I've disabled the firewall, just to make sure that is not the problem.

The shadow-utils was stuck at shadow-utils-4.0.3-37, which is obviously not correct. According to the RH Alert Notification Tool, I've got about 2 dozen non-current packages. But up2date, smart and apt-get seem to think I'm just fine.

I haven't filed this as a "bug" because I'm fairly sure the problem is not with the RH samba distro, but with something in the network configuration, possibly with the up2date configuration.

A. Rick Anderson

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