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Re: dovecot to serve home LAN

Am Di, den 07.12.2004 schrieb Timothy Murphy um 3:19:

> At present I get email directly on my laptop
> in /var/spool/mail/* through uucp.
> I'd like to get the email on the same directory
> on my desktop (alfred), and then run a mail server on the destop
> and collect the email on my laptop (william)
> (or on other computers on my two little home LANs, ethernet and WiFi).

> I am able to access my desktop with telnet from my laptop:
> ============================================
> [tim william ~]$ telnet alfred 143
> Trying
> Connected to alfred.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> * OK dovecot ready.

So the IMAP server runs.

> Unfortunately, neither fetchmail not KMail on my laptop
> seem able to retrieve mail from my desktop.
> With fetchmail I get the error message:
> ============================================
> [tim william ~]$ fetchmail alfred
> fetchmail: Server CommonName mismatch: localhost.localdomain != alfred
> fetchmail: Server CommonName mismatch: localhost.localdomain != alfred

This would indicate certificate usage.

> 10 messages for tim at alfred.
> reading message tim alfred murphy ie:1 of 10 (765 header octets) fetchmail:
> fetchmail: getaddrinfo(localhost.smtp)
> fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost failed
> fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from alfred
> fetchmail: Query status=10 (SMTP)

fetchmail tries to pass the fetched mail over to the local SMTP, but
none is listening.

> My .fetchmailrc on william reads
> ============================================
> poll alfred
>         proto IMAP
>         user "tim" password "whatever"

If you want to deliver the fetched mail directly to a file you will have
to use an additional line like

mda "/usr/bin/procmail -f"

> I have no better luck trying to retrieve mail with KMail on the laptop,
> after adding the following entry to
> KMail=>Settings=>Configure KMail=>Network=>Receiving

With KMail I have no experience.

> When I start KMail on william I get the message
> "Checking account dovecot for new mail",
> but no mail comes over,
> and I see no error in the log files on either machine
> (although I may have missed something there).

KMail has a log file about it's processing? google doesn't come over
with something handy.

> Apologies for the long message;
> any suggestions of advice gratefully received.

You don't have to excuse for a long message. As you provide good
structured details it makes it easier to find causes for trouble and
possibly a way out.
> Timothy Murphy  


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