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Re: Mr. Day

On Mon, 2004-12-06 at 20:09 -0800, Rich Burroughs wrote:
> Thomas Cameron wrote:
> > I came to the same conclusion about Sendmail because of the horrible
> > attitudes I saw on the Postfix mailing list.  
> There is documentation on Postfix and even an ORA book about it. I can't 
> see why someone would need to choose Sendmail over Postfix simply 
> because they found the Postfix list to be unpleasant. That's pretty 
> goofy thinking, IMO, considering the many advantages Postfix offers.

I *never* said I was rational.  :-)

> The reality is that different people have different viewpoints about how 
> lists work than you do, and you're not likely to get them to change. Not 
> everyone sees politeness as a big priority when they are here giving of 
> their own time for free.

If someone is giving his/her time for free but it is so irritating that
they need to resort to being nasty, maybe they should find another way
to give their time?

It is sad that people resort to this kind of behavior behind the
anonymity of the keyboard.  As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I can't
imagine that the people who act this way towards strangers on the lists
would act that way towards strangers in person.  Why would you consider
it OK to *ever* be that rude?  Is it so hard to just be nice?

> Newbies sometimes get flamed on mailing lists, it happens. If they are 
> really interested in Fedora/Linux/etc. then they will persevere and learn.

"Everyone is doing it so it's OK?"  I'm sorry, I just don't accept that.
By that mentality it's OK to loot during riots and so on.

I should think that people would want to rise above and be better than


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