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Re: Before I install Fedora Core 3...

Robert L Cochran wrote:

Robert Johnson wrote:

... Would *you* install it if you had to do it over again?  Or would you
stay with Fedora Core 2?  Or another distro entirely?

I ask this because I cant believe all the troubles so many people are
having. Is there something wrong with Core 3? Thanks,

Fedora Core is one of the better distros you can use. It should install just fine on most recent hardware -- I've never really had a serious installation problem with the public releases. The beta releases are understandably more difficult because they are works in progress. The toughest OS'es to install are FreeBSD or OpenBSD. On a scale of very difficult to install to easy, here are my rankings:

SuSE Linux
Fedora Core

I think Fedora Core is one of the best distros you can use regardless of your experience with Linux. It is very hard to beat the ease of installation and the GUI components have improved with every release. I've been fooling with Red Hat products since Red Hat Linux 6.1. I still remember the absolute hell of upgrading to Red Hat 6.2. Anaconda was a bit rough around the edges in those days. Bust mostly, I was new to Linux, new to the hardware I was trying to install on, and as a result I made a ton of mistakes. I did one thing right: I kept on trying until I succeeded. (At this point I pat myself on my back warmly before clicking the "send" button.)


Installed flawlessly on a dell latitude... No problem yet...


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