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On Tue, 2004-12-07 at 13:50 +0800, John Summerfield wrote:

> Thank you Gene.
> I've never said more than "please post no HTML" and, when provoked then 
> provided some reasons.

Then my post certainly wasn't directed at you.  I think I made clear
over and over that I was talking to the people on this list who take a
"holier than thou," condescending or downright rude tone with newcomers.

> I am offended at the rudeness of people such as Thomas. 

I am truly sorry if you are offended.

> There are many factors 
> that go to _my_ choice of email client, and its ability to render HTML and 
> Javascript does not rank. I chose one to suit _my_ requirements.

Great - I agree with your reasoning.  I think that is the only way to
choose any tool.  BUT - if 92-93% of the list uses MUAs which handle
HTML just fine, how is it reasonable that that 92-93% should change
their ways to support the 7-8% of the list members who voluntarily
choose to use an MUA which doesn't handle HTML?

Don't get me wrong - I personally don't like HTML mail, and I prefer
bottom posting.  But I refuse to get all lathered up about it when some
new user top/HTML posts.  I might shoot them a gentle explanation of
list etiquette.  At worst I'll delete the message.  But at no time will
I be publicly derogatory towards him/her.  That hurts the community.

> I've been on RH lists off and on since Hurricane, and there are others I know 
> have been around a long time too: Robert Day, Joe Klemmer, Jo Dow. Mike 
> Harris used to be a regular too.

That's great.  I admire you and them for being here a long time.
Longevity does not excuse being nasty.  I've been on the Internet/Usenet
since 1996.  It doesn't make it OK for me to be condescending to

> We help because we like to, and we keep it up because we're stupid.

Heh - I firmly believe the former and seriously doubt the latter.

> Always, the use of HTML has ranked amongst the less desirable things people 
> do, that gets the most complaints: probably the silliest regular mistake is 
> emailing to the list in order to be removed.

Yup.  It gets frustrating, no doubt.  All I am saying is, there is no
reason to blast a newbie for making an innocent mistake.  Me, I know
I've stirred the pot, and I'll wade into the fray freely.  But blasting
a newcomer is just flat wrong, and it hurts the community as a whole.


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