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Re: Haldaemon and Vmware

> > VMwareWorkstation-4.5.2-8848 working, and that applying vmware-any-any-
> > update84 actually broke things.
> I'm beginning to think so.  I'm going to reinstall without the any-any
> patch.  On the other hand, the any-any patch is not the cause of the
> unregister_netdevice error--I applied it hoping it would help with that,
> and it seems to have only made things worse.
> I turned off the vmware service and haldaemon stopped crashing.  Not sure
> yet if that's related to the patch or the original problem.
My experience was that vmware-any-any broke things to the point where
vmware didn't start at all, and the computer wouldn't shut down.  I eventually
removed the vmware RPM, re-installed it, and added this:

for a in `seq 0 9`; do mknod /dev/vmnet$a c 119 $a; done

...to the top of my /etc/init.d/vmware file.  This was on the advice of
a vmware community forum posting:


VMware now works correctly.

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