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Re: Experience with ATRPMS repository?

A1tmblwd netscape net wrote:
What has your experience been using the ATRPMS, http://atrpms.net , repository?
Mine has not been very favorable. I regret creating atrpms.repo and adding it to the /etc/yum.repo.d/ directory.


Here are the problems that plague my FC3 system after I used "yum update":

I had problems with atrpms. I submitted bug reports and I will say they were dealt with but I always ended up with a dependency loop when I needed to use a newer version of some packages. I eventually spent two days removing *.at packages from my system so I could use other distros.

Like you, I vented my frustration with similar responses.

From what I am reading in the responses, it depends on your needs and desires. I want to use repo's that work with other repo's "well!" If Dag releases a newer version of a package, I should be able to yum update without running into a whole slew of dependencies, especially if the dependent packages have not changed.

This is a user choice and mine is to avoid ATRPMS totally due to my experiences.

Robin Laing

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