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Re: [OT] anyone with domain hosting recommendations?

Ed Wilts wrote:
On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 10:24:03AM -0400, Trevor Smith wrote:

I have a very inexpensive domain hosting provider but I am unhappy with the service and would like to switch. I definitely only want to go with someone who is 1) unix/linux based, 2) very inexpensive (I currently pay $15/yr), 3) reliable, and 4) responsive to customer enquiries.

Does anyone here have personal experience with a company that meets those requirements? TIA.

I've got the www.mnbasset.org domain hosted on http://www.vizaweb.com.
It costs us $5.95 per month for the services we need, but they've got
packages starting at $2.95 per month.  They came highly recommended from
a business friend of mine who's been hosting their for a while.  The
basset hound club has only been there for a few months but I've had ZERO
problems with them and superb customer support via e-mail.

Vizaweb does have an online forum where you can ask questions and read
about other customers' satisfaction too.

I will be moving 2 more domains to their services shortly including my
own home domain, ewilts.org.  It's cheaper to have them host it than it
is for me to run a server out of my house!


What OS do they host on? The site has beaucoup Sun hardware advertised on it...

Also, I'm assuming that there's support for Perl/PHP in order to allow for *AMP applications (would it be "SAMP" on Solaris?). Is that the case?

Doug Stewart
Systems Administrator/Web Applications Developer
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs
dstewart atl lmco com

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