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Re: Some root mail not coming through

> >>Now this is the strange part: When I turn arthur back on, I receive my 
> >>missing log messages on buster. Clearly there is some sort of dependency 
> >>on arthur that is in buster, but I can't figure out what it is. I'm 
> >>guessing it is DNS related, but don't know enough to find it.

I've personally seen behaviour like this before: once when trying to
get a linux system to deliver mail to a smtp-auth system on a
non-standart port (the computer, a laptop, would silently hold
messages until we returned to head office) and at a customer site
where messages emitted by a particular application would get silently
held (with empty queues) until a reboot.  

We never could reproduce the problem on-demand, so never could
diagnose what was going on.

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