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RE: FC 3 iso corrupt?

Thanks Rahul, see comments below from the site you mentioned.

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>>On Tue, 07 Dec 2004 00:49:56 +0100, Thomas <j a d e gmx net> wrote:
>> Hello, i had the same problem, CD checker always FAILED, i was unable to
>> find out why. But your explanation seems to be the key, thanx a lot!

>>read fedorafaq.org

Q: The installer's media check says all my CDs are bad! 
A: There is a bug in the kernel which causes the media check to say all CDs
are bad, on some systems. To do a successful media check, do the following: 
At the installer prompt, type: 
linux mediacheck nocddma

Run the media check on your CDs/DVD. 
Reboot, and run the installer normally.

>>Rahul Sundaram


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