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Fed Core 3 - locate command


Recently installed Core 3 on an AMD64 with a Serial ATA drive and 512Megs of
memory. Using the x86_64 images I ran into a couple of mystery

First was the /etc/log/last file said it was 1T bytes long.
Second was the locate command would initially work ( locate -u ) but somewhere
along the line, a subsequent locate -u would fail. Locate string was ok. The
command would first do a segmentation fault then the next locate -u would hang.

Process stops processing. Can't kill -9 PID. The only way to kill it is reboot.
The load pops up to ~1.0 and goes on forever.

Reinstalled with x86_64 and had the same thing happen.

Reinstalled with i386 isos and the /etc/log/last was fine but the locate command
has the same problem. I found the source code and recompiled it but same thing.
After a while locate -u does a segmentation fault then hangs.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

FiberCloud, Inc.
Seattle, WA

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