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I had to cause more problems!

After finally getting everything working on my dell inspiron  8600 dell decided to send me the correct laptop that I originally ordered (don’t mind the hours of countless fighting J )

Anyways I am now running a P4 32.ht with a ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 128 meg video card, Broadcom 570x gigabit nic, sigma-tel C major audio chipset, and a dvd-rw.

I went to ATI’s website and followed the links to the Linux driver section and chose the mobility section and it said to see my pc manufacturer website for driver details.  Well I called Dell as

Well as looking on their website and found no links or drivers.   I was hoping someone might have some insight on that or the other above hardware above stated.  Sorry for going through all the original work

And then having to redo it all on this new machine.  But all help is greatly appreciated.



Best regards,



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