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Re: What happened to cvsd?

Ed Wilts wrote:

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 01:23:09AM +0100, Thomas wrote:

i tried to setup a cvs server recently and noticed that there is no cvsd to be found in the fedora repos.

In about 10 seconds, a google search for "cvsd fc3" pointed me to:
It's the *first* result returned.

Oh, i see, i admit i could have done some more research first.

I was searching via synaptic and didnt find it because i excluded at-rpms because it has issues that have been discussed here lately. Somehow i was convinced that something like cvsd would be found in virtually every repo, including the official fedora repo. Which is not the case. The reason for that could be the fact that there are more modern versioning systems with the intend to replace cvsd.

Is it generally ok to ask such stupid questions here?
Maybe i could use a place to ask questions of a much more simple kind. (like what do i have to type to mount smb share for example)
Is there something like a 'beginners' mailing list?


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