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RE:Testers for automated install server wanted

> Hi All,
> I've spent the past little bit building a set of scripts to 
> automate the 
> construction of an install server (kickstart/cfengine/common sysadmin 
> tasks).
> These scripts essentially build the server that builds all of 
> the other 
> servers and they do so in a turn-key fashion (well, that's the hope).
> I will publish it soon to my website but before I do I'm looking for 
> volunteers to test.
> The documentation is in outline form right now and I hope to 
> have some 
> fairly comprehensive stuff by the end of the week.
> Any takers?

Yes.  You can contact me off-list if you want.  I have about 12 servers that
need to be installed in a lab; no worries if something goes awry....just so
long as the hardware doesn't get fried.  This would be a big help and I'll
give all the feedback I can.


> Thanks,
> Harry

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