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Cron stops working when using nss_ldap (sort of)

This is an odd one... I have several FC1 based servers which are making use of
nss_ldap and pam_ldap for user logins and user information.  Everything works
great except mysteriously some cron jobs don't seem to run and none will email
their output to root... UNTIL .. I disable LDAP.

After tinkering with this some (lots of trial and error) the cron emails work
perfectly until "ldap" is added to the "groups" line in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

passwd, shadow and netgroups can all have "ldap" prsent and cron will work
just fine, but as soon as you add ldap to the groups line, no more cron emails
go out.

If I start up cron without "ldap" in the groups line it works fine and I can
then add ldap to groups so I get my groups info.  As long as I don't restart
crond it will continue working... this is the state I'm in right now, but
obviously I want to get it working 100% the way it should be.

The jobs in /etc/crontab are running as root, and I see whenever they run
that a request is made to my LDAP server looking for a user and group of
root.  Obviously I don't have a root user defined on my LDAP server, but
could this be the cause of the problem?

Anyone seen this sort of thing before?


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