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DNS with classeless IP address in FC3

Hello every one,

I always have been Microsoft oriented with all whistles and bells around it, until I have discovered Fedora to admit that I have been loosing my time AND MONEY in Microsoft.

I have installed Fedora C2 and was getting a lot of troubles until to discover that my problem is caused by my Asus motherboard. I then downloaded the fix for it and reinstalled without any trouble. Then I have made a new install using FC3

Now, I have got a PB with fedora, which I think is cased by my ISP not doing reverse resolution.

I have registered a domain, lets say called *fedora.com, relayed by registrar who is not my ISP.
Ftp, SMTP, www, pop3, etc are pointed to lets say a fixed IP address (IP address I am getting from my ISP).

The command host, dig, nslookup all show that everything is correctly configured.
I have configured an internal DNS as catching only using the dns I have been given by my registrar and using as well DNS of my ISP.

However all incoming traffic, ftp and www seems to end up somewhere in my ISP network. It never reaches my IP address

When the command nslookup is executed on my address, I got answer that it is for my ISP and not for my domain *fedora.com.

I am using Fedora C3 and I believe everything works ok. From my network I can have access to my ftp server, my web server and can send e-mail as well and receive e-mail as well from my pop ISP account. However ftp and www from outside doe not work.

Is there anyway to by pass this issue? Do you think it caused by the fact that there is no reverse resolution for my IP

Any type/help will be welcomed!

Also do you know why the ?Ask Mr DNS? site is not accessible anymore?

Many thanks in advance and,
Kind regards

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