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Re: Wisetech PS/2 scroll mouse

John Aldrich wrote:
Anyone here using a WiseTech PS/2 Scroll mouse? I've got an Optical mouse with their logo on it, although on the underside it says it was made by KYE Systems Corp. I'm having problems with it going crazy every time I switch back and forth between my wife's PC and my FC3 box on my Belkin Omniview SE KVM. I had no problems with this under RH9 that I can remember, although I vaguely remember having to tell RedHat 9 I was using a Genuine MS Intellimouse PS/2, but that's not an option any more. The only Intellimouse option is for a Serial mouse, and this is a PS/2 on a KVM.

Is there some reason the Intellimouse driver was dropped from Fedora after RH9? I really think this is a driver/config issue and I'm wondering if this is a known bug or what? It seems from what little I've been able to discover that this is not a rare problem, but it may or may not be specific to one brand of mouse, and may be related to the KVM, but the fact that it worked fine in RH9, but not in FC3 makes me suspicious of a driver bug.

I have an Omni Cube 4-Port from Belkin, switch back and forth all the time. If I recall I had the same problem at one time. I did the following:

Make sure in your xorg.conf your protocol for your mouse is set for IMPS/2.

example: Option "Protocol" "IMPS/2"


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