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Re: /dev is empty after I chroot to /mnt/sysimage in rescue mode

On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 05:45:46 -0800, Hervé Pagès <herve pages laposte net> wrote:
> After having a closer look, I realized that /usr/bin/mount is in fact a link
> to buzybox but could not figure what's this all about...

busybox is a "do everything" application that's used a lot in rescue
disks and those mini-distros (I used to use a 486 running LRP as my
router - it booted off a floppy and the machine had no hard disk or CD
ROM in it).  It looks at its argv[0] to see how it was invoked to see
what it's supposed to do.  The idea is that instead of having a bunch
of applications, dynamic libraries and a dynamic loader, you have one
statically linked application so you don't have the overhead of
dynamic loading but you also only need one copy of the libraries.

Unfortunately a lot of the busybox versions of these applications are
really stripped down to minimal functionality.

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