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Re: Wisetech PS/2 scroll mouse

John Aldrich wrote:
On Wednesday 08 December 2004 07:00, Wayne Leutwyler wrote:

I have an Omni Cube 4-Port from Belkin, switch back and forth all the
time. If I recall I had the same problem at one time. I did the following:

Make sure in your xorg.conf your protocol for your mouse is set for IMPS/2.

example: Option "Protocol" "IMPS/2"

Hmm... just double-checked and that's what it's set for. It's got the z-axis mapping as well (since it's a scroll-mouse.) Just wonder what happened to the Intellimouse PS/2 option? why was it removed??? That worked for me, as I recall. Now, my mouse goes crazy every time I try to switch between the two PCs, which is NOT a good thing. Maybe I oughta file a Bugzilla report requesting the return of the Intellimouse PS2 option. For my money, they simplified stuff WAY too much by only giving you "generic PS2 scroll mouse" as an option.

Check this thread, might help you out.



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