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how2 point Package Manager to directory rather than cdrom

I have a Dell laptop on which I have installed FC3.

It has no cdrom....  I managed to get FC3 installed by
copying the FC3 ISO's to a partition on the laptop and
changing the grub.conf on the previoous install to
allow me to boot to the partition.

My problem is that I need to install gcc
and package manager can't seem to remember  where it
installed FC3 from [/dev/hda5].

I tried mounting /dev/hda5 on /media/cdrom but the
package manager didn't find it.

Where would I find the conifg file for package manager
that controls the source directory????

PS.. what is the 'command line' command to bring up
PackageManager form a window?

Thanks a lot in advance..
Trying to get a wlan card working


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