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Re: Fedora Update RPMs

Michael J. Pawlowsky wrote:

I had compiled and installed MySQL 4.1.7 (server, client, devel) as a RPMs and when I woke up this morning... I was back at MySQL 3.23. For a couple of days yum sent me a warning that it conflicted with mysql 3.2.3 that it wanted to install.... and then this morning it seems like it just installed it.

Just thought I would add the entries from yum.log for last night...

Dec 08 04:39:49 Updated: glib2.i386 2.4.8-1.fc3
Dec 08 04:39:50 Updated: libpng.i386 2:1.2.8-1.fc3
Dec 08 04:39:59 Updated: gtk2.i386 2.4.14-1.fc3
Dec 08 04:40:04 Updated: mysql.i386 3.23.58-13
Dec 08 04:40:05 Updated: libpng-devel.i386 2:1.2.8-1.fc3
Dec 08 04:40:05 Updated: rsh.i386 0.17-24.1
Dec 08 04:40:07 Updated: udev.i386 039-10.FC3.5
Dec 08 04:40:11 Updated: glib2-devel.i386 2.4.8-1.fc3
Dec 08 04:40:14 Updated: shadow-utils.i386 2:4.0.3-56
Dec 08 04:40:14 Updated: rsh-server.i386 0.17-24.1
Dec 08 04:40:17 Updated: rhpl.i386 0.148.1-2
Dec 08 04:40:27 Erased: mysql-server
Dec 08 04:40:29 Erased: mysql-client

Is it just me..... or did it behave a little badly erasing mysql-server and mysql-client?

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