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Re: saving RAM questions

I suggested:
> What sort of graphics do they have: separate graphics cards, or is the
> graphics integrated into the chipset? In the latter case, make sure that
> you only allocate the memory you need to the graphics subsystem: 1 to 4
> MB, usually, depending on resolution.

Matt Morgan wrote:
> Sounds like a good idea. It's an integrated graphics controller. Can
> you point me to how I can do this? I googled and got a hint that I
> might be able to configure something in the computer's BIOS settings,
> but couldn't find anything there. Any other method, like in xorg.conf?
> Thanks.

Sorry, I suppose I should have been clearer the first time round.

It's a BIOS setting. It affects how much memory gets reported to the
operating system, so it's pretty low-level. It's often referred to as
something like "VGA Memory Size" or "VGA Shared Memory Size".

It's done in slightly different ways on different BIOSes: can you give
us a clue? If they come from one of the four or so big manufacturers,
they may have a manufacturer BIOS. Otherwise, the BIOS is probably from
Award, American Megatrend (AMI), or Phoenix. Beyond that, the board
model might be helpful.

In the meantime, my own googling turned up these links:


Good luck!

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