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Re: Private Fedora repository

Rodolfo Alcázar wrote:

El mié, 08-12-2004 a las 12:54 -0500, Frank escribió:

I'd like to have one of the machines maintain a repository of all updates and then point the others machines at this local repository. This will be good for me, and good for the public mirrors as well.
Can anyone point me to directions for how to do this?

1) Replicate your rpm files into a shared dir (can share by http, say /var/www/http/rpmfc3/). You can use wget to accomplish that. 2) Create headers with # createrepo /var/www/http/rpmfc3/ 3) Update your clients yum files to point to that server (located on /etc/yum.repo)

Thank you Rodolfo. I've just read the man page for wget. I've only used it for fetching single files, and I had no idea how powerful it really was. I see that it even has the ability to limit the aggregate size of the transfer so that my provider doesn't throttle my throughput. Fantastic!

I'm a little unclear on the header creation part of this. I don't have a createrepo. I'm assuming that this is a yum thing and I'll find it where yum is hosted. (Will look for that).

But where do I put these headers? And if I mirror a repository, won't I get headers from that repository somewhere in the tree that I've mirrored?

Thanks again for prompting me to read the wget man page. I'm sure I'll find it a much more useful tool going forward.


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