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Re: Fedora Update RPMs

Browder, Tom wrote:
I'm not sure why you're doing it manually, in any case.

There are much

easier ways, like yum or up2date.

Neither of them work well over sneakernet.

Amen, brother.

That's not the reason you gave before, Tom, you said you had problems with yum. Bernd asked you what they were and you didn't reply. If you were to ask about the problems here I'm sure someone could help you.

Neither yum or up2date are that hard to use. With up2date it will show you a list of available updates and you can just check the boxes for the ones you want. It doesn't get much easier than that.

As for sneakernet, if you're talking about burning CDs then just burn one with the RPMS you need. Again, they all have version numbers, if you see two RPMS for the same program then use the newer version.

I can't see why that would be a big enough deal to justify modifying the directory structure.

Incidentally, my yum cache directory currently holds over 1 GB of updates!


You don't have to leave a gig of updates stitting around to use yum, that's not required. Look at the man page:


yum clean packages


yum clean all

And you can use up2date without saving the packages after they are installed.

Tom, I have a feeling your problems with yum are probably due to you never really learning to use it correctly. You would do yourself a favor to invest the time to do that, it's a great tool.

Also, up2date is very simple to use, and it's been around for a long time.


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