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Re: intel wireless2200BG on notebook

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Jim wrote:

> need help installing the driver from ipw2200.sourceforge.net
> i have the file they sat to use, i read through th instructions,
> trying to use some commands and the are not working
>  [jim Home ~]$ modprobe ipw2200
>  to see if it was installed  but i get a ERROr 
> bash: modprobe: command not found
> please help, new to linux and would prefer to use over winblows

often made mistake. You must be root, and you should not use the
command "su" for that, since it inherits your own shell environment
to a large degree. So use the command "su -" for this. Read the
man page ("man su") to see why, if you care.   After you are
root, you can install the modules, but also run the command
modprobe.   THe technical reason is that modprobe lives in /sbin,
and for mortal users /sbin is normally not in their $path (searchpath).

> *****************************************************
>  Notebook
> - intel mobile pentium M 1.5 ghz. processor
> - 256 MB Ram

quite allright, but a little tight in memory :-)

> - Via Ethernet adapter  (Works ok)
> - intel 2200Bg wireless chipset (not working)
> *****************************************************

you'll get it to work. btw, i just heard somebody say the 2200 driver was
in the module list for his installations. Not for mine, but then , this is
a laptop, and perhaps the installlation is so picky, it only installs 
drivers for what you have (which i have a hard time believing).  The
	locate 2200 | grep modules
didn't return anything useful for me , jus some scsi drivers, not wireless.

- peter

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