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Re: intel wireless2200BG on notebook

Am Do, den 09.12.2004 schrieb Jim um 3:39:

Jim, please don't top-post.

> [jim Home ~]$ su

You did read what Peter wrote in his reply about "su" and "su -"?

> Password:
> [root Home jim]# /bin/modprobe ipw2200
> bash: /bin/modprobe: No such file or directory

Where did I wrote /bin? /bin is in every user's $PATH. I wrote /sbin,
which is kind of "superuser binaries" and therefor not in user foo's
$PATH (though some tools like /sbin/ifconfig or /sbin/lspic can validly
be used by a normal user too).

Add: I think you will need to use either the latest not yet released
testing kernel for FC3 to get the ipw2200 kernel module or to build it
your own from sources.

> james lawrence


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