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Re: intel wireless2200BG on notebook

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 21:35:36 -0500 (EST), Peter Teuben
<teuben astro umd edu> wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Jim wrote:
> > need help installing the driver from ipw2200.sourceforge.net
> > i have the file they sat to use, i read through th instructions,
> > trying to use some commands and the are not working
> >  [jim Home ~]$ modprobe ipw2200
> >  to see if it was installed  but i get a ERROr
> > bash: modprobe: command not found
> >
> > please help, new to linux and would prefer to use over winblows
> often made mistake. You must be root, and you should not use the
> command "su" for that, since it inherits your own shell environment
> to a large degree. So use the command "su -" for this. Read the
> man page ("man su") to see why, if you care.   After you are
> root, you can install the modules, but also run the command
> modprobe.   THe technical reason is that modprobe lives in /sbin,
> and for mortal users /sbin is normally not in their $path (searchpath).
> > *****************************************************
> >  Notebook
> > - intel mobile pentium M 1.5 ghz. processor
> > - 256 MB Ram
> quite allright, but a little tight in memory :-)
> > - Via Ethernet adapter  (Works ok)
> > - intel 2200Bg wireless chipset (not working)
> > *****************************************************
> you'll get it to work. btw, i just heard somebody say the 2200 driver was
> in the module list for his installations. Not for mine, but then , this is
> a laptop, and perhaps the installlation is so picky, it only installs
> drivers for what you have (which i have a hard time believing).  The
> command
>         locate 2200 | grep modules
> didn't return anything useful for me , jus some scsi drivers, not wireless.
> - peter
[jim Home ~]$ su -
[root Home ~]# modprobe ipw2200
FATAL: Module ipw2200 not found.
[root Home ~]#
This makes me beieve that the file doesn't exist on my notebook  
i have never done this ... "  Add: I think you will need to use either
the latest not yet released
testing kernel for FC3 to get the ipw2200 kernel module or to build it
your own from sources.  "

thank you

james lawrence


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