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Re: Problems RH won't fix


right, I'm not trying to say that bad design spec isn't a bug but if it were something that violated an RFC than perhaps they have reason not to change the default behavior. But to make up for it they add options to work around it. (don't know if this is the case as you haven't said what the actual problem is yet).

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John Summerfield wrote:

So the spec was wrong.

In the case of using mksisofs, which people will see as a copying, changing the source is not expected behaviour, and for some users it will be hard to work around.

hmm, isn't there something about ignorance not being an excuse ;-)
And there are people who, like me, will use Chris Kloiber's script for remastering (or creating) RHL/FC DVD images and not even see the documentation.

sorry, is it not being mastered on your disk? not memory, right?
On my FC3 machine I could potentially adapt Chris's script to remaster an 11 Gb DVD, but probably not if I had to copy the entire thing to my hard disk first.


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