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Re: Fedora and Music

> Can someone send me some websites on getting mp3s and ACC files to work 
> on linux?
> I still have a windows boot on my other computer.
> cause I use itunes and have an ipod.
> I am having a hard time getting musicbox to play mp3s .... I thought I 
> installed/pluginned... gstreamer
> but it crashes.. each time I try play an mp3.

How did you install the rpms?  Did you use apt?  Here's what I would do.
download apt-get from freshrpms.  Use this address.


Download the RPM, not the src.rpm.  Install.  Go to your favorite
commandline.  Change to root, or use sudo...I don't know how you're
configured, and issue the command.

apt-get update

Then, once that completes,

apt-get install synaptic

This will install synaptic on your computer and give you access to sites
like Dag's.  I don't think these guys get enough thanks, so here's a
thnks.  THANKS

Anywho, once you've got Synaptic installed, I would search for gstreamer
and reinstall everything you've got and see if you're missing anything.
The important one you need is called


La Paz

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