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Re: Attention Fedora Core 3 Radeon users

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> Does DRI actually work on Radeon for _anyone_ out there without
> crashing either immediately, or within some timeframe?
> There are oodles of DRI related radeon bugs, and I'm just trying
> to get an idea if it actually works for anyone at all, so we can
> decide the best approach to resolving the issues reported so far.
> Thanks in advance.

Are you only interested in Radeon DRI bugs, or any particular
Radeon (and nVidia) bugs?

I ran into what seems to be an FC3 AGP "issue"...   I say AGP issue,
only because that's the one thing the nVidia GeForce 440 MX and the
Radeon 9200SE I tried that locked up my system have in common.

So far, the Radeon 9200SE PCI card I'm trying has not as yet locked
up my desktop, but it did lock up my Viewsonic VX900-2 LCD monitor
when switching from text mode during the boot sequence to graphical
login, just like the other two cards did, so I still don't know what's
causing that.

Frozen power buttons cannot be good for the monitor, so if it's not
an AGP/LCD issue, I'm stumped as to what it may be.

I've also reinstalled the sharutils and metamail rpms (had to use
the RH9 ones, because the src rpms I found barfed spectacularly).
So I'm currently running FC3, with exmh just like I like it, and
so far, so good.

Summer Brooks, WildHorse.com Staff      I will choose a Path that's clear
brooksj at wildhorse dot com		I will choose Free Will

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