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Re: Fedora and Music

On 12/08/2004 08:33:40 PM, Terry R. Grier wrote:
Hello All.
I have come a long way in 4 weeks ..learning how to install software .. use samba.... not to mention.. buring isos and checking mdsums...
I am getting stumped.. with my fedora and music.

Can someone send me some websites on getting mp3s and ACC files to work on linux?

*shameless plug* http://mpeters.us/linux/fc3_gstreamer.php

I still have a windows boot on my other computer.
cause I use itunes and have an ipod.

I am having a hard time getting musicbox to play mp3s .... I thought I installed/pluginned... gstreamer
but it crashes.. each time I try play an mp3.

Who's plugin did you install?

I am getting frustrated.. with the music sides of fedora. I love it for everything so far.... except music.

I'm hoping that Bill Gates will graciously decide to buy all Linux distro's an unlimited distribution right to the mp3 related patents.

That's not likely to happen, though - I don't think Bill Gates has been bitten by the penguin yet ;) - so it is a *tad* more difficult than the OOB "it just works" you get with iTunes unfortunately.

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