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Laptop suddenly power off


I had problem identical to described in

My laptop sudenly powered off when working on battery under FC3 final
and FC3 test2. Now I've changed distro to SuSE 9.1 PRO and have same
issues. The issues are absent in Windows XP on same laptop.
After reading above thread I think that it is Kernel serioes 2.6 problem
related to ACPI/APM. Problem seems to be serious. I have Toshiba
Satellite 1135-S1554. Now the problem appear when installing matlab7. I
have fully charged battery, installation almost not loads the CPU but
DVD reader works some time. At random times (on CD 1, 2, or 3) of matlab
install the laptop powers off with NO SIGN in log files!!!
Now I started linux with apm=off and acpi=off and installation went
good. I have to check if this is APM or ACPI problem.
I think it is worth checking.

Darek Borkowski

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