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Advise on connecting a Plextor PX-712A ????

Last week I bought myself a DVD burner and don't seem to get it working right (argh). As far as I know, I tried all possible connection possibilities and I am close to throwing the stuff out of the window... 

For the record: I can burn dvd's, but when checking it with a md5sum it fails. I have downloaded the FC3 dvd iso file and after downloading, the md5sum checks out. When I burn the iso file (with K3B) the verify option fails afterwards. If I burn the file with Gnome and do a manual md5sum on the dvd, it gives a complete different number (everytime I burn the iso file, I get another value)... I have been using a new Philips RW disc, also tried it on a regular (no RW) Philips disc... I also updated the firmware of the burner, still no improvement.

I have a 80 gb harddisk (Western Digital WD800JB), a LG dvdrom (GDR-8163B) and a Plextor DVD burner (PX-712A). I also have a additional ATA100 ide controler card (Ultra100 TX2) lying around, together with plenty IDE cables (40 pins and 80 pins). My P4T-F motherboard has one blue coloured and one black coloured IDE connector (both should be ATA100 capable, but the manual advises ATA100 on the blue one and no-ATA100 on the black ide connector). 

Can someone please tell me what I forgot or missed here? What is the best way to connect these components... should the burner be alone on a ide channel or can it combined??


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