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Re: Fedora and Music

Dragos Neagu <dragos neagu gmail com> wrote:

Also what about this ogg format?  I seems that no ipod like device
supports the format... is it 'better' than mp3 or ACC ?

iriver's devices play ogg format. rio karma plays ogg and flac.

<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorbis> has a section on hardware support, there is a more comprehensive list at <http://wiki.xiph.org/VorbisHardware>. I would add that the problem with iRiver devices is that only the newer HD players work as UMS devices under Linux[1]. Their older flash based devices do have UMS firmware, but you'll have to use Windows or the SourceForge based iRiver software to load it on. The iAudio/Cowon devices all seem to be UMS based, but their new flash device (U2) doesn't officialy have ogg yet. They seem a little quicker than iRiver to get new firmware out though.

Generally HD devices with ogg + Linux support are easier to find
than flash ones, in fact support is becoming quite widespread.

[1] Caveat: I haven't got an iRiver, so I don't know for sure.
    They did manage to create a beta version of the iFP800
    firmware that didn't work with Windows 98 machines though.

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