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Re: Same named packages, different dependencies

Paul Howarth wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:

I don't agree.

All packages should be made to use the same dependencies by the package creators. If they have different dependencies than the original package they are supposed to be replacing, then they should be labeled differently so they don't try to replace the "correct" package.

In Dag's case, when he built the original package there *was* no "original" package.

Thus any package built to replace this package should be built to this package. As an example, any mplayer from any repo should be able to replace another using the same dependencies.

Many projects can be built with different options, e.g. for use with different back-end databases. Packages of these projects will, of necessity, have different dependencies.

Then they should be labeled as such. But not destroy an installation due to the dependencies. Some way of easily backing out.

This is fine if all repos are working together, e.g. the RPMforge sites, but not all repos, for whatever reasons, work together in this way.


Some good points. I don't build packages often so I don't know all the ins and outs but I do deal with the headaches.

Core files such as RPM and YUM should not be changed due to dependencies or tied to an individual repo. Changing these can become a major headache within dependency loops. Maybe restrictions on changing these core files will be what is necessary? I don't know.

It is a pain when you install an update only to find that one of the dependencies causes another problem due to a package that you built something else against.

This points to the whole headache of interdependence between repo's.

Using Dag as an example. I have yet to have any problems working with other distros. I can understand where there may be two or three packages from one distro that need to all be changed at once to work together such as all from Dag or Livna. What I cannot agree with is where you have to install a package that makes removing or changing repos almost impossible.

I guess I am frustrated because of spending so much time trying to remove a repo on my systems that has integrated itself so deeply that only a total rebuild will do the job properly.
Robin Laing

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