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Re: Secure POP3 Server conf.

Am Do, den 09.12.2004 schrieb jack jill um 20:11:

Hm, seems hard for you to find good information using google.

> configuration of POP3S server and SSL


> Create mail box users on the POP3 host.

man useradd

> To send email to any mail box user, login the POP3 host and use the mail 
> command/utility

By default Sendmail should be already installed and running locally.

> Two linux box for mail box users to login to the X-Window and pick up email 
> from the mail box server using secure POP3 protico.. (No need to set 
> outgoing mail)

Don't understand that. 2 other Linux hosts shall be able to retrieve
mail from the POP3s server? Then simply set the server up.

> I need your professional help to implement such task.
> I'm using Fedora Core2.

> Jack


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | new address - new key: 0xB366A773
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