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Re: Yum and dialup

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 11:24:48AM -0800, Jerry Gaiser wrote:
> Now the problem.. We live in a very rural section of NW Oregon. No
> broadband ...
> if not possible. That means that yum is pretty much out of the picture
> for large updates.

Others have indicated that you can watch the announcemnt

You can also use up2date to notice packages that need updating.

Then you can use curl or wget to pull the individual packages from
your favorite location and perhaps place them in /var/spool/up2date
for up2date to fide or install them by hand.  up2date will notice the
file and flash a message 'already' downloaded.  Besure to check the
'After installation, keep binary packages on disk" on the
Retrieval/Installation tab (up2date --configure).

Both curl and wget know how to "reget" on a file.  This lets you be
disconnected with a minimum of pain and restart a download
later. Hint, If you run up2date from a command line you can see the
URLs that it looks at.  You can use a browser to explore the download
sites too.

Also you should look for other folk in the same part of Oregon
that run Fedora.   A little bandwidth file sharing goes a long
way, use CD-RW...

With a dialup you do not need all the updates because almost all
services will be turned off or firewalled off.  i.e. You can be
selective and deliberate...

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