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Re: public blacklists

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 21:36, Scot L. Harris wrote:

> > Oh come on  :)  Do you really believe the sleazy Viagra and porn
> > peddlers who are funding the spamming machines pay these guys for
> > trying? If that were the case, there would be no incentive for them to
> > adapt and survive - and they have certainly done that.

> You are right.  We need to track down the small percentage of people
> that actually buy products via spam and take their computers away from
> them.  Then there would be no money in it for the spammers or their
> slimy customers.  :)
> Actually that is a good plan, send out a bunch of spam advertising
> something that is irresistible to the same people that buy from spam. 
> Collect their IP addresses along with their names, credit card numbers,
> etc. track them down and remove the electric meters from their houses. 
> Then work out a deal with all the ISPs to prevent those users from ever
> getting an Internet account again.
> Eliminate the source of the spammers income and the spam should stop. 
> :)

I think you're definitely on to something here - go with it.

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