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Re: network printer probs in fc3 vs fc2

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 sola doctor com wrote:

> Success-- but at the cost of security !?
> Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> > [background deleted]
> > Normally I would not suspect a coincidence with a print server break
> > while switching from FC2 to FC3. The last recommend I can give is to
> > flush firewall rules with
> > service iptables stop
> > to be sure, nothing blocks network traffic. But as you say the print
> > server states no ports open, this shouldn't be the case at all.
> I'm not quite sure how to do this.
> In a terminal an error code results -service is not found.
> However, using system settings-security level- firewall- disable firewall
> Works spectacularly! Full printing availible !!
> However, no security at all!
> Is a compromise possible?

I haven't followed this entire thread, so not sure if it's related, but I
discovered last night that printing through IPP (cups) to an FC3 server
required opening ipp:tcp in system-config-securitylevel on the FC3
machine.  Apparently, turning on printer sharing in system-config-printer
only opens ipp:udp.

With only ipp:udp open, I could see the printers just fine on clients, but
jobs would just queue without printing.  When I opened ipp:tcp, all the
queued jobs flushed.

In FC2, I think I had to open ipp ports by hand and I opened both.  In
FC3, the printing system opens only the UDP port.  An FC3 *client* works
fine with just the UDP port open (at least to another FC system), but the
server apparently needs TCP as well.

I have the related Bugzilla #142015 for desktop-printing because I thought
this was a client-side issue when I first saw it.  There may be real
problems there too, but it also appears to be connected to this issue.

> A very BIG thank you to Alexander Dalloz!
> Steve
>   sola doctor com

		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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