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Re: Private Fedora repository

Charles Curley wrote:
On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 12:54:43PM -0500, Frank wrote:
I'd like to have one of the machines maintain a repository of all updates and then point the others machines at this local repository. This will be good for me, and good for the public mirrors as well.

Can anyone point me to directions for how to do this?


In section 2.1.7 of this document (Make the Header Files), you say:

  "Since yum-arch and createrepo create their data in different
   directories, it is harmless to run both. If you are building things
   manually, this would be a waste of cycles. But you might want to do
   this if you are maintaining systems that use several versions of yum,
   e.g. FC1, FC2 and FC3"

When building my own local repositories, I thought I'd save some time and use yum-arch for FC1 and FC2 repos and createrepo for FC3. However, I later discovered that FC3's up2date requires yum-arch style headers for yum repos rather than createrepo style headers, so that's another good reason to create both sets of headers for all repos.


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