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Installation problems on centrino laptop

I'm trying to install Fedora Core 3 on my laptop. It's a 1.6ghz centrino. I'm having 2 problems. Firstly, if I leave acpi on, then I get a little ways into the installation, and get the error message, "Critical temperature reached." Normally I would be concerned about this, but the temperature that it lists is wildly fluctuating. I've had 38 degrees celcius to 3184 degrees celcius.

Okay, so fine, I just try it with "linux acpi=off" and I stop getting the error messages. But then, another problem! I partition my disks (I love the graphical installer, I used to use slackware.) choose my packages, and it locks up half way through install. On, "Gnome desktop manager" if I recall correctly.

Okay, I won't use Gnome, I'll use KDE (Or install gnome after). I uncheck gnome, and it crashes at the same point trying to install the gnome package... Am I missing something?

Some information: I have a 'no name' brand laptop. It's a cicero, which is Future Shop's in house brand. After a little bit of research, I've found out that it's either a rebranded seanix laptop, or a rebranded CLEVO laptop. Model number is: M120c


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