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Re: Can't Read VPD Keys (nForce3 Problem)

Amy M wrote:
> Installation of FC3 on my Shuttle SN95G5 (Athlon64) with an SATA HD was 
> flawless.  (I spent almost half a day trying to install Windows XP-Pro 
> but to no avail; this clearly demonstrates how far Linux has progressed 
> in consumer desktops!!!)
> However, in checking the dmesg file, I found the following repeated 
> error message:
> eth0: -- ERROR --
>       Class:  internal Software error
>       Nr:  0x19e
>       Msg:  Vpd: Cannot read VPD keys
> In three days of operation, this stupid message also caused the 
> /var/log/messages file to balloon to more than 20 MB.  While this may 
> seem to be only a nuisance and does not seem to cause any problem, the 
> real problem was experienced when I tried to log into init 3--this 
> naughty message continuously popped up, making it impossible to enter 
> any command.

In /etc/syslog.conf, there are the following two lines:
| # Everybody gets emergency messages
| *.emerg                                                 *

What happens if you comment out the second line? Or, better still,
change the last asterisk to something like /var/log/emerg ? (And
truncate that file occasionally?)

This is only a workaroung. It's not a fix. But it looks like the bug is
in the BIOS, at a quick glance.


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