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Re: Fedora Core 2 support for 3c556B NIC

> > I have been using RedHat 7.4 on an IBM Thinkpad A21m for several
> > years without any issues.
> There isn't a RHL7.4 - perhaps you have RHL7.3 :)

Yeah, 7.3 -- I can't type!

> > I decided it was time to upgrade, so I loaded FC2.
> Well you could have installed FC3 - its been out for more than a
> month.

Been using FC2 on other systems for some time now, had the CDs, and didn't feel like another new adventure.

> > However, the laptop's NIC appears to be unsupported. (This appears
> > to be related to Bugzilla report 81422.)  A Google search shows
> > several similar reports about this problem, but none seem to have a
> > solution.
> Maybe you can try this:
> http://fedorafaq.org/fc2/#3c905

Tried that before I ever posted -- disable of kudzu did not fix the problem. 

I think I have found a work-around (from a note on a SuSE mailing list)... disable acpi by setting acpi=off on the kernel line in GRUB. It appears that acpi on this card may be broken. Having played with it for about an hour now, it more or less seems to work.

Note to FAQ maintainers: You may want to add this as an alternate solution to you above FAQ item! You may want to add that the primary symptom of the acpi problem is the device driver returning 'all FF' for the MAC address.

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