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Re: installing on a network question

Quoting Craig Thomas <cjtinhp optonline net>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 09:12:09

> The only hurdle is getting the install machine to load the installer.
> There are a few methods, I have found it easiest to burn the first
> Fedora CD. You can make a boot CD, but not a boot floopy as the kernel
> no longer fits on a single floppy. I use local [same network] http
> installs all the time, much faster than CD's.  

I usually burn rescue CD, place ks.cfg on a floppy, and boot from rescue CD with
"linux ks=floppy".  I have no idea why they provided both rescue and boot CD
images, when rescue is really all you need.  If motherboard supports booting
from USB, there's an image you can place on USB memory key (or compact flash
card from you digital camera, or whatever memory device you have that can be
connected over USB, as long as your BIOS is able to boot from it).  That image
is not ISO image (can't burn it onto CD), but rather disk image.  Add ks.cfg to
the root directory of USB memory device, use ks option when booting to point to
ks.cfg and off you go.

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