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Re: Firewall issues with setting up vsftp server

Am Sa, den 11.12.2004 schrieb Terry Linhardt um 19:04:

> YES! This solution works.
> Although I had read through the vsftpd.conf file, I did NOT see a 
> reference to port ranges for passive mode. After reading the link you 
> provided, I found there are a LOT of options to vsftpd that I didn't 
> know about. :) So, I simply added the pasv_min_port and pasv_max_port to 
> my vsftpd.conf file, restarted the daemon, and added the port range to 
> iptables and....all is good. THANK YOU!  
> Terry

Poking holes into the firewall where not necessary isn't the best
approach. Using the ip_conntrack_ftp is the better alternate.


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