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Re: gnome does not refresh desktop

Jim Christiansen wrote:
Hello, I have just switched my wife's computer to gnome - on core3- so that she can easily use the automounting camera and usb features. Occasionally, she will drag and drop a file or folder onto the desktop, but it won't appear on the desktop until she logs out and back in... Is gnome known to be like this? We have only used KDE for years and are not too familiar with gnome.

Any help to remedy this are welcomed. Thanks, Jim

As fas as I can tell, it's a bug. I noticed it a couple of days ago... I couldn't investigate it further yet. I'm almost sure this didn't happen with the "stock" FC3 installation, so I presume some update broke something.

But there's no need to logout. If you click on the desktop and press CTRL+R, the desktop will be redrawn, and you'll see your files. It's a PITA, but it's better than loggin in/out.



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