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Re: FC1 > FC3

On Saturday 11 December 2004 19:31, Brian Gaynor wrote:


>To disable the dir_index attribute
>   1. Boot into Linux single-user mode.
>   2. Type the following:
>      umount /dev/xxx
>      where xxx is the device name of the file system to convert.
>   3. Press Enter.
>   4. Type the following:
>      tune2fs -O^dir_index /dev/xxx
>   5. Press Enter.
>      The dir_index file system attribute is removed.
>   6. Restart the computer into Windows.
>You should now be able to perform the operation on the partition
> without producing the error message.

Humm, could this also explain why, when dual booting between fc3rc3
and the emc "BDI-rc43", where the installed version of e2fsck is
1.35 in both instances, fc3rc3 boots just fine, but BDI-rc43 drops me 
to a shell
and tells me to run e2fsck, which then reports it is too old and
cannot handle that filesystem, *BUT*, I can ctl+d out of that shell
and the boot to the morphix/debian 2.4.25-adeos kernel then
continues with no ill effects?

The only common partitions between the two boots are /swap and
/boot, everything else is isolated on its own partitions, but each
boots /etc/fstab does contain mounts of the others partitions. Grub
in the mbr of course.

Cheers, Gene
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